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Under seismic actions, infills could fail causing injuries or death and cause damages to columns. In Quebec and Canada, most of BMR structures have been constructed prior to the introduction of modern seismic design codes raising question on the contribution of the infill to the structure lateral resistance. The aim of this thesis is to improve modelling technique of BMR structures built in Quebec between and This type of structures is found in hospitals or schools buildings, which must comply with some post-earthquake functionality requirements.

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They could also be residential or office buildings. Actually, practicing engineers usually calculate seismic capacity of BMR structures without considering the infill's structural contribution to the lateral resistance. Yet, this contribution should not be omitted.

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The first part of the thesis investigates the construction techniques and material properties of the old BMR structures in the Province.

The results are the material properties concrete, reinforcing steel, brick, terra cotta tile, and mortar and the characteristics of the assemblies wall section, reinforcement details….

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The second part of the thesis presents the results of series of parametric analyses to identify among modelling and geometric parameters, which ones are the most influent on the lateral load response rigidity, fundamental period, normal modes.

Linear and modal analyses were performed. The most influent parameters identified are: number of storeys, number of bays, bay's width, soft storey, openings, upper storeys modelized instead of being replaced by punctual loads and the modelization technique of infills panels strut or shell. The identified parameters are the presence of the infills, the openings and the geometric characteristics of the models number of storeys and number of bays.

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One important contribution of this work is the development of an equivalent strut model to represent the action of the infill. The model could be easily implemented in standard analysis software. A central axial hinge reproducing the nonlinear avis pakai body slim à base de plantes of the masonry is added to the strut element.

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This model is a hybridization of existing proposals FEMA and others with added innovations by the author. It has been validated with experimental and numerical analyses results from literature.

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An important conclusion of this thesis is that the contribution of infills to lateral load resisting capacities of BMR structures should be considered for structure of more than one storey.