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Le développement de cet outil en ligne, auquel tous les producteurs laitiers partout au pays auront librement accès, a été appuyé par Zoetis Canada.

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Au cours des dix dernières années, deux technologies importantes ont gagné en popularité, offrant aux producteurs laitiers une occasion de prendre des décisions améliorées sur le plan de la génétique dans leur troupeau.

Compass a été développé pour aider les producteurs canadiens à relever ce défi. We all arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the Friday, 11th of October and had supper together after a couple of days of travel.

The next day we started with farm tours.

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The second day we went to see the Kinkinriola herd as well as their free-range chicken barns for egg production. This national park is home to some extraordinary rock formations and beautiful sights.


Early Monday morning, we bob joyce boussole perte de graisse went to catch the ferry to cross over into Scotland. Once there, we visited the Highmark herd Watson family as well as the Horseclose herd McGarva family. The next day we travelled into England with visits to the Troutbeck herd Mattinson familythe Sandersons as well as the Plaskett herd Armstrong Family.

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The next day we spent it up in the trees. Some of the Cumbria club members joined us for ziplining in the Lake district which is also a national park. This area was beautiful with lakes and hills surrounding us.

That evening the local Ayrshire club Derbyshire hosted us at their pig racing evening. We all had a lot of fun and met a lot more of the club members. Friday was our last farm tours during which we visited the Heydale herd Peter Berresfordthe Whitecroft herd Broadley familyand the Alkmonton herd Richard Harris.

We quickly got settled in and met the calves we would be showing for the next two days.

Dimanche 3 juin 2018

I lead a Senior calf from the Moathouse herd and placed 4th in conformation and 1st place in the Mature Ayrshire Showmanship class. Sunday night we then drove to the hotel near the London airport and had to say bye to Alan and Gaby.

The rest of us had one last supper together and the next morning we said goodbye and parted ways to our terminals. I saw many great animals and farms.

Lastly, I would like to thank the group whom I spent 11 days with. You all were a blast and made the trip even more memorable.

Prière à la Providence Providence de Dieu, je crois en vous. Providence de Dieu, je vous remercie de tout.

I have definitely made friends for life! Rapidement, nous nous sommes installés et avons rencontré les génisses que nous allions exposer au cours des deux prochains jours. Nous sommes tous arrivés à Belfast en Irlande du Nord le vendredi 11 octobre, où nous avons soupé ensemble après deux jours de voyagement.

La journée suivante, nous avons commencé nos visites de ferme. Ce parc national se caractérise par des formations volcaniques extraordinaires et des vues imprenables.

Tôt le lundi matin, nous avons pris le traversier pour se rendre en Écosse. Cette même soirée, nous avons soupé avec des membres du club des éleveurs Ayrshire de Cumbria. La journée suivante fut passée dans les arbres.

Quelques membres du club de Cumbria se sont joints à nous pour des parcours de tyroliennes dans le parc national du District du Lac Lake District National Park. Entouré de lacs et de collines, cet endroit est magnifique. Vous étiez tous formidables et avez contribué à rendre ce voyage encore plus mémorable. Je me suis définitivement fait de nouveaux amis pour la vie!

Ressources et inspiration - Soeurs de la Providence

Nous avons été reçus en soirée par le club Ayrshire local Derbyshirequi nous invitait à prendre part à leur course de cochons. Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir et y avons rencontré plusieurs autres membres du club.

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Genetic evaluations for each female are updated monthly to provide the herd owner with the most accurate information possible to make selection and mating decisions.

Breeding data available for herds enrolled on milk recording is used to also produce a list of calvings that are expected in the coming months as well as the associated genetics of the expected progeny. The Lactanet formerly Canadian Dairy Network web site has been widely used for accessing genetic information for animals in each dairy breed, with over a million visits annually.

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Its features focus on animal searches and lists of groups based on various selection criteria with the Genetic Evaluation page being the primary perte de poids lawrenceville ga piece for each animal. The focus of Compass, however, is for Canadian producers to look closely at the genetics associated with the current herd inventory.

The economics underlying each of these areas is specific to the herd in order to maximize profitability.

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These include the genomic testing of heifers and the use of sexed semen. When looking purely at the expected return on the investment of genotyping, the vast majority of herds should test only a portion of their heifers, rather than every individual.

Compass has been designed to complement, not compete with, the genetic mating programs that have traditionally been offered by A. While the Bull List module of Compass allows the user to sort and filter active sire lists, is does not provide any mating recommendations or specifically work with a group of sires for which the herd has semen inventory.

The first step will be to create a Compass account, which bob joyce boussole perte de graisse easy to do via links available from either the Lactanet CDN or Holstein Canada web sites.

André Laurie. Le soir, il restait assis au coin du feu dans le parloir, buvant du grog très fort. Par les nuits orageuses, quand le vent secouait les quatre coins de la maison et que les vagues venaient se briser sur la falaise avec un bruit de tonnerre, je le voyais sous mille aspects variés et plus diaboliques les uns que les autres.

Herds enrolled on milk recording have the added benefit of complete herd inventory data, which therefore leads to improved recommendations related to genomic testing and the use of sexed semen.