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An Indian Perspective. RAJU and J. India Editorial. United Kingdom 33 Establishing Collaborative Relationships. Some biographies of exceptional nurses.

figure perte de poids louisville avis

International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services 4 Les idées et opinions exprimées dans cette Revue sont celles des auteurs et ne reflètent pas nécessairement la politique officielle, présente ou future des autorités dont relèvent les auteurs. Colonel Dr. It seems like the perfect time for the ICMM to look back on her life and achievements.

She was deployed together with a small group of nurses in extremely poor conditions where disease thrived. Not only did she dedicate herself to introducing essential hygiene procedures, she also quantified the results of her work to prove its effectiveness. Nursing became essential in improving the quality of care and reducing the level of mortality in hospitals. They are still reflected in the profession we know today, although, given that caregivers are often close relatives of the sick and wounded, they undoubtedly remain insufficient.

It is a profession that still has some way to go both in terms of technology but also needs to be promoted when it comes to the organisation and operation of the systems. The work performed by nursing staff all over the world, in health facilities at all levels, is just as extraordinary as it is irreplaceable — something that has become all the more clearer in the fight against Covid!

The International Committee on Military Medicine is open to all who help care for the sick and wounded alongside doctors, and this is particularly the case when it comes to the nursing profession. In our efforts to enable professionals to share expertise on the particular aspects of their jobs in the armed forces and to discuss new developments and innovations, technical commissions have been set up in the spirit of the ICMM to highlight the contribution made by everyone in this field, embracing the principles of interdisciplinary and constructive cooperation.

Di Lamb has worked extremely hard to put together this special feature for the International Review of the Armed Figure perte de poids louisville avis Medical Services, for which we thank her. Here at the ICMM, we feel that all of the technical commission could, like any given field of military medicine, look to focus on the skills and expertise they deploy in the armed forces.

As a result our review should evolve, with each issue acting as a reference to a given field when it comes to the latest developments in what makes figure perte de poids louisville avis particular form of nursing different within the armed forces and no less a source of inspiration elsewhere.

Maj or General Prof. Il nous a ainsi semblé légitime que le CIMM lui rende hommage. Cette jeune femme de la haute société britannique a tôt considéré comme insuffisant le niveau de soins apporté aux blessés et malades.

figure perte de poids louisville avis

Le Comité International de Médecine Militaire donne une place à tous les professionnels qui à côté des médecins contribuent aux soins aux malades et aux blessés. Di Lamb a coordonné ce dossier spécial de la Revue Internationale des Services de Santé des Forces Armées avec détermination et professionnalisme. Médecin Général Inspecteur Prof.

Professional Experience - Commissioned on 05 Sept Education 1. Post Basic B. Thomas's Hospital, London.

figure perte de poids louisville avis

Linda Richards. Nursing, as a profession has undergone constant evolution since the early nineteenth century, having countered complex social, gender and quality education issues. This profession has thus been structured in order to allow nurses to provide the best quality care.

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E-mail: amalaboneythomas yahoo. It is the Battle of Alma that forced the War office to have a re-think on the rehiring of female nurses, because, the British media and their citizens were in an uproar, having known about pathetic state of health care meted out to the ill and injured soldiers, who were not only deprived of the basic medical attention as the hospitals were severely understaffed, but also suffered the unhygienic and inhumane conditions.

She was born the 12 May into a family with wealth, luxury and power but she dedicated her whole life to serve humanity. Her committed effort to ensure that nursing is a very essential component of health care and incorporate its education as a mainstream academic career has made the nursing profession develop on the solid foundation in modern healthcare worldwide.

The strong foundational principles in nursing and the development of the nursing profession as a structured figure perte de poids louisville avis organised institution was laid by Florence Nightingale, with the experience she obtained from the sick and injured during the Crimean war. Being an able administrator, a good educator based on values and principles and an untiring researcher, Nightingale laid the foundation of nursing practice on figure perte de poids louisville avis practice.

The Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert inwrote to Nightingale, to organize a corps of nurses to give nursing care to the sick and wounded soldiers in the Crimea. Nightingale was more than pleased to venture and fulfil her dreams.

She, along with a team of 34 nurses, set sail for Crimea within a few days. On arrival at Scutari in November, she set out to organise the hospitals, its hygiene and sanitation, to improve supplies and quality of food, beds and blankets. Even though they had been apprised of the pathetic conditions there, Nightingale and her nurses came in terms with reality when they arrived at Scutari, the British base hospital in Constantinople.

The nursing profession can be traced figure perte de poids louisville avis antiquity. The wheels of change have slowly but surely evolved nursing from a care-givers role to one of professionalism which is dynamic in nature, upgrading constantly in terms of professional knowledge, working environment, approach to new diseases and modern technology.

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In the ancient and medieval periods, there were no professional or career based nurses. Even during wars, the physicians who tended to the wounded were assisted by soldiers, who had no real knowledge of medicine or healthcare. Often, Religious or people who were supposed to have healing powers were looked up to for treatment and medical care.

They offered crude and no holistic treatment and medical care and they were like nomads moving from one place to another based on the requirement and the times.

However, as Empires became stable, the concept of hospitals started to take shape and practice of medicine and employing care-givers began to get systemised. With the Protestant Reformation of the 17th Century, a change has begun in medical practices paving the way for more rational nursing practices. But for almost two centuries, nursing care was entrusted to nuns and monks.

The hospital was set on top of a large cesspool, which had contaminated the water and the hospital building itself. The stench of the dying patients, smell of urine and faeces, stretchers strewn through the halls, infested with rats and bugs welcomed them everywhere.

Even the most basic supplies of bandages and soap was so scarce and the number of ill and wounded steadily increased.

The water was rationed. It was evident that the soldiers were dying from infectious diseases like typhoid and cholera rather than from injuries incurred in battle.

figure perte de poids louisville avis

Nightingale quickly began to set things right. The least injured patients were ordered to scrub clean the hospital from ceiling to floor. She herself spent every minute taking care of the soldiers. As most of the military hospitals were located in Scutari, the sick and wounded were transferred there.

With the rapid increase in the number of sick and wounded, it was a challenge for her to maintain the standards of hygiene and sanitation within and outside the hospitals. She set an example by providing personal care to the ill and wounded soldiers and improved their psychological state of mind. Her traits of leadership were beginning to show results and the hospitals had healthier environments. She insisted on providing clean and hygienic medical care, healthy and nutritious food and comfort to the ill and wounded soldiers.

Crimea was the epicentre of the war and is located on the shore of the Black Sea. Britain had sent thousands of British soldiers to the Black Sea, but the supplies were insufficient to cater to the troops who were dispatched to Crimea.

Within one year, inabout 18, soldiers had figure perte de poids louisville avis admitted into military hospitals, which did not have figure perte de poids louisville avis female nurses. It was figure perte de poids louisville avis step in promoting the well-being of soldiers. Her experience during the Crimean war made her determined that the medical mistakes of the two-year long war should never be repeated.

Using her good-will, she communicated the need for medical reforms using statistical charts which showed that more men had died from disease than from their wounds. She never hid the facts and expressed what she felt. She was instrumental in initiating a Royal Commission into the health of the army which eventually led to a large number of reforms and improvements which saved the lives of many.

Florence Nightingale expressed her views that the rising high deaths in The British army in India was due to contaminated water, bad drainage, overcrowding and poor ventilation. She concluded that the health of the army and the people of India were intrinsically intertwined and campaigned to improve the living and sanitation conditions of the country as a whole.

The Crimean War exposed her to the pathetic standards of hygiene in the military hospitals during the war. She tirelessly worked to bring down the death rate of soldiers being treated in Military hospitals by strictly maintaining standards of cleanliness and sanitation in the hospitals and surrounding areas. InThe Nightingale Training School was established with the donations that she received in the Nightingale Fund.

Its reputation and the Standards of Nurses which it produced, soon spread and Nightingale nurses were requested to start new nursing schools all over the world, which included Australia, America and Africa.

In addition to improving and standardising the sanitary conditions of the hospital, she identified and implemented patient services that helped to improve the quality of their hospital stay by creating a kitchen for figure perte de poids louisville avis invalids which catered for appealing and nutritious food for patients.

She also set up a laundry for patients as wearing clean linen would affect the very psyche of a patient, a library and a classroom for intellectual stimulation and effets secondaires geodon perte de poids of the patients in the hospital. Often, despite being confined to her sick bed, by what we now believe was a bacterial infection known as brucellosis, Florence Nightingale continued as a driving force and mentor.

She wrote more than letters to promote her campaign. Nurses earlier considered their jobs to be of low-status, and had no professional training but acquired through experience. Her efforts made nursing into a respectable profession by raising the standards and also incorporating education and thrusting responsibilities into the job.

Professional education of nurses made them respected and appreciated.

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Nightingale was instrumental in improving the standards and conditions of hospitals which still has a great influence in their modern design.

Donations poured in to the Nightingale Fund. The money that was collected, enabled Florence to continue and implement her reform of nursing in the civil hospitals of Britain after the war. Thomas's Hospital, London, was the first training Institute for Nurses established in The training was based on two principles.

First being, that the nurses should have practical training in hospitals specially organized for the purpose, and secondly that they should live in a home fit to form a moral and disciplined life. Her strong advocacy in developing standards for nursing care is reflected by the fact that, if a staff member refuses to work to the expectations of her standards, it would result in her dismissal, which was the application of administrative standards of care.

She herself interviewed every candidate and the candidates were selected based on merit. Florence Nightingale believed that every woman at one time or another would be a nurse, in the world.

According to her, health is maintained through the prevention of disease. Nightingale spent an enormous amount of time and thought as to the ways and means of really establishing the foundation of public health work in a country.

Her inspiration on nurses and hospital became the symbol of compassionate health care. An able nursing administrator, her efforts to improve the quality of the working conditions for effective nursing care is very much applicable even today.

Her practice of attempts in coordination with multidisciplinary members, though her exposure to the military officials at Scutari expected her to be obedient and take orders, has in fact thrown light into the autonomy in nursing practice today.

She understood and experienced that the availability of adequate supplies for care will result in the efficiency of a hospital.

Nursing earlier was confined to a position subservient to physicians. Nightingale wanted to replace autonomy to nurses with advocacy in the working place. Normally as a novice nurse, one is expected to be obedient and submissive throughout the career. Nightingale's effort was implicit to have advocacy in nursing to transform the profession for an effective outcome, which is now considered as a major component in practice of nursing so that nurses advocate for the patients and themselves.

During the Crimean figure perte de poids louisville avis, she asserted to have adequate supplies when it was not provided. It was her demonstration of exceptional skills figure perte de poids louisville avis advocacy which gave birth to genuine intent of making nursing care as a career and profession.

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She herself selected the nurses to work along with her and it was based on interest, commitment and willingness to serve for long duration without questions. International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services Florence Nightingale is said to be the first nurse who was also a researcher. In earlier days, nursing was based on trial and error and Nightingale's contribution toward research was reflected by bringing down the mortality and morbidity among the sick and wounded in Crimean war.

Her landmark study of maternal mortality from puerperal fever is a classic example of evidence-based decision making in health care. Her systematic approach and motivation to reform the existing practices in health based on the statistics, she collected, was her passion toward the profession, and she undertook the task of graphically presenting the data to convince civil servants to reform public laws.

However, her statistical reports were not accepted by statisticians of those days.

figure perte de poids louisville avis