Supplément de perte de poids au Japon

This supplement contains five black superfoods beneficial for weight loss.

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Black ginger contains 18 amino acids with a low calorie-count. Piperine from black pepper help increasing body heat which is important to prevent chills while dieting.

Japon Supplément De Soins De Santé Poudre de Perte de poids minceur régime alimentaire

Fermented Foods Fermented black garlic that contains ten times more polyphenols supplément de perte de poids au Japon raw garlic. Similarly, fermented black onion is 40 times better at improving blood flow than raw onion.


Finally, black honey is famous for its beauty and health enhancing effects. Weight Loss Without Worry!

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Limiting your diet for weight loss can lead to a lack of nutrition. Our product is rich in natural nutrition from several great foods, helping you worry less about what you eat during your diet.

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The product is perfect for busy people who do not have the time to worry about their diet. Four Herbs and Coenzyme Q10! In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, the supplement contains four herbs helpful to weight loss, and Coenzyme Q Coenzyme Q10 is necessary to produce energy in the cell.

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The additional herbs: forskohlii, salacia, long pepper, and golden ginger. These herbs further improve the nutrition balance and support your ability to control your weight!

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Avoid Common Mistakes Many dieters fall into the trap of mono-diets or other fads that, while they do help you lose weight, the lack of nutrition and amino acids leads to loss of mere water weight at best, and muscle mass at worst. Our supplement can aid you in losing weight the right way by making sure you will get the necessary nutrients to stay healthy while losing weight.

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We spend a lot of time researching ingredients for best possible quality. Thanks to this, our efforts are being recognized almost daily on Japanese social media!